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Several schools have begun to create their own games libraries, for use in either classrooms or for lunchtime use by students. One particular school even has a borrowing library of games that students ae able to take home and play with their parents and family, to stimulate social interaction as well as the skills associated with game play.

The staff at Mind Games Albury will be more than happy to assist in the creation of such a library for your school.
"The games people play . . . can be so good for kids."
As teachers, you know that play is important to a healthy society and it is getting left behind in today's world. You probably realise that games are not just fun - they're a recognized teaching tool and (according to research for the Chicago Toy & Games Fair) can raise a child's IQ by up to 16 points.

In School Program

Mind Games Albury has been conducting an "in school program" of game demonstrations, particularly of those used in European and United States schools. The program has been utilized by 15 schools, both primary and secondary in the Albury-Wodonga region.

We have carefully selected a range of games to suit a range of age groups that teach:
  - negotiation

- decision making

  - probability
  - competitive problem solving
  - value and risk assessment

and even help with subjects such as mathematics and spelling. Our experienced demonstrators will come to your school free of charge for a two hour session (longer sesions can be arranged) and help both children and teachers to learn the value of playing.

If you would like more information on this program please contact Phil or Sacha at Mind Games Albury.


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A Giant size Chess Set is available for sale or hire. Ideal for school fetes, parties, etc.

The Board measures 2.8m square and the pieces range in height from 50cm to the 63cm King.

To hire the cost is $110 for 3 days, with a $100 holding deposit.

Using The Settlers of Catan in the Classroom
(Article located at www.mayfair.com)

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An assortment of oddly shaped wooden blocks are placed onto a round, wooden 'platter.' The platter has a cork ball on its underside, which is then placed on top of a conical stand. The trick is that the oddly shaped pieces are to be removed one-by-one, which has a high probability of upsetting the whole contraption's delicate balance. The bigger the piece that you remove when it's your turn, the more points you'll score, but you have a higher likelihood of spilling everything, which scores you negative points.
PRICE: $132
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